IM apps as the front-end to a chat ref app

Stephen Francoeur asks: Wouldn’t it be cool if your patrons could use an IM client to chat with your web contact center software (such as the versions of eGain offered by and 24/7 Reference or Docutek’s VRLplus)? We know huge percentage of our users are already using instant messaging, but imagine if they could add your library’s chat reference service to their buddy list and then use their IM.. Read More

Are you hungry? I haven’t eaten since later this afternoon.

My friend Derek is a middle school librarian in Long Island, and the person who first introduced me to library science (so my students can thank or blame him). Anyway, he recently sent me the DVD of Primer & I watched it a couple of nights ago. I read a review of Primer somewhere that compared it to Memento, but said something like, it makes Memento look straightforward. Yes, except.. Read More