The Final Reports from the Convocation on Scholarly Communications in a Digital World have been released. These include the brief final report made to the Faculty Council in March & the accompanying Powerpoint, & the longer final final report.

The whitepapers were an effort to raise issues for discussion, & the convocation was an opportunity to have those discussions. The final report includes all of that, but also goes beyond that & makes recommendations for actions that various groups should take to address these issues. (Various groups = libraries, faculty & students, schools & departments, Faculty Council, the university as a whole.) In the interest of full disclosure, I should admit that I was part of the sub-group that wrote the recommendations, along with Leah McGinnis & Bob Peet, based on the discussions we’d had within the planning committee, & the discussions during & the feedback we got after the convocation. We really didn’t hold back, either; I believe we made some fairly sweeping recommendations that will be challenging to implement but can affect major change at the university. I’d be very interested to hear people’s comments on the recommendations, the report, any of it.