Google Scholar @ UNC, Part 2

Just a quick follow-up on my previous post about Google Scholar @ UNC: if you go to Google Scholar’s Preferences page, you can now select UNC-CH. On that note, there was an article in The Chronicle today about Google Scholar: More Than 100 Colleges Work With Google to Speed Campus Users to Library Resources

The first and only convention for time travellers

Speaking of time travel… A party for time travellers, from the Economist: It is not often that The Economist uses its pages to pass on party invitations, but here is one that might be of interest not only to existing readers, but also to future generations. For this is a party that you may attend retrospectively. On May 7th, the students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology plan to hold.. Read More

Scholarly Communications Convocation: Final Report

The Final Reports from the Convocation on Scholarly Communications in a Digital World have been released. These include the brief final report made to the Faculty Council in March & the accompanying Powerpoint, & the longer final final report. The whitepapers were an effort to raise issues for discussion, & the convocation was an opportunity to have those discussions. The final report includes all of that, but also goes beyond.. Read More