I’m off to Croatia later today for the LIDA conference. I’m presenting a paper, of course – one doesn’t travel that far just to attend a conference, or at least I don’t. I also don’t travel that far & to a place that cool without making some vacation time, so Yvonne is joining me & we’re spending several days before the conference touring around the Southern Dalmatian coast. Sweet!

I am also not, repeat not, bringing my laptop with me. I realized the other day that this will be the longest I’ve gone without reliable access to a computer probably since 1994. I’m feeling withdrawal symptoms already.

So, I may post here while I’m away, if I find internet cafes (The Rough Guide to Croatia says there’s one in Dubrovnik & another in Split). But, well, probably not. So I’ll see y’all in 2 weeks. Be well.

Extra credit if you know what this post’s subject line means.