State Library of NC Online Workshop Calendar

From the NCLIVE-L list: Subject: State Library Announces Fall CE Schedule The State Library has something NEW for you – An Online Workshop Calendar We are pleased to announce the Fall 2005 schedule of workshops, and we’re excited to make it available to you in our NEW Online Calendar. The Online Calendar will be updated regularly, which will allow you to stay current with the workshops we offer. Most of.. Read More

Mooers’ Law

That’s Mooers, like cows. (Oh come on, don’t say you don’t get it: cows moo, they’re moo-ers, as opposed to humans who hear the moos, making us moo-ees.) Not to be confused with Moore’s Law. Anyhoo… I don’t even remember how, but I came across a reference to Mooers’ Law recently, so I found the paper that proposes it: Mooers, C. N. (1960). Mooers’ Law; or why some retrieval systems.. Read More