Rex Libris cover

I walked over to Chapel Hill Comics (formerly known as Second Foundation, which I think is a much cooler name, but I suppose only because I’m a big Asimov fan)… anyway, I walked over there earlier this afternoon to buy myself a copy of Rex Libris. Yes, I know we’ll be getting a copy in the SILS library, but I’m a graphic novel junkie & I want one for myself. I also want to get one for my middle school librarian friend Derek. I called at the end of last week & they said they were out. I asked when they expected to get more in & they said a shipment would be coming in on Wednesday around noon. Note, that meant yesterday. I went there today & they were out, not 26 hours after the shipment came in. The guy working in the store said that they have drastically underestimated the popularity of this particular title. Better that than the opposite, I suppose, from their point of view. But it’s also a credit to the library blogsphere, I suppose. Has Slave Labor done any marketing for this title? I haven’t seen any, have you? Everything I’ve seen about it has been in blogs. The bursty evolution of blogspace, indeed. Librarians do love our superheroes.