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This year marks the 10th year of the Internet Public Library‘s existence. And heaven help me, I actually remember quite clearly when it looked like this. I have to say, I never did understand what the sofa had to do with Associations. (And that’s not a sentence you get to write very often.)

This Friday & Saturday, the IPL is hosting a symposium: the Internet Public Library Symposium: A Global Standard for Digital Librarianship. (I’ve said it before, need more symposia in academia.) The symposium will be about the past, present, & future of the IPL, & research that it has spawned. I wish I could go! Hopefully they’ll be videotaping this or will issue proceedings or something.

Update, 9/26: They did in fact videotape the Symposium. The video is not yet available but it is promised on this page, this week.