The Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences at Duke has recently launched the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions. As I understand it, the Nicholas School wants to get more involved in setting environmental policy, & this is essentially a think tank to help move them in that direction. As part of the launch of the Institute, they’re even as I write this running a day-and-a-half long Environmental Summit. From the announcement for this Summit:

This multi-track conference will highlight priority areas of interest and research for the Nicholas Institute and the Nicholas School. Speakers will include thought leaders and policy makers and will provide a range of expertise and perspective on the issues highlighted during the conference.

One of those speakers is Jared Diamond, and he’ll be speaking this afternoon, 12:45-1:15. Video will be made available here by 2:30 this afternoon. How cool is that?

Update, 2:42 pm. The video is now available, as promised. How’s that for instant gratification?