Carnival of the Infosciences

A pleasant surprise from the blogsphere today: yesterday’s post was selected as one of the Ringmaster’s Choices for the Carnival of the Infosciences #9. See the comments for that post. That’s cool, but what the heck does it mean? From my brief investigations, the Carnivals of the Infosciences seem to be a floating, more or less weekly compilation of interesting things in the library blogsphere. Floating in the sense that.. Read More

Open Content Alliance

Yahoo Works With 2 Academic Libraries and Other Archives on Project to Digitize Collections, from the Chronicle Another search engine company has joined with academic libraries to digitize large collections of books to make them easily searchable online. Yahoo Inc. has teamed up with the University of California, the University of Toronto, and several archives and technology companies on a project that could potentially bring the complete texts of millions.. Read More