364.4 smoots +1 ear

This just in from John MacMullen, Reporter-At-Large for PomeRantz: Smoot, Namesake of a Unit of Length, Retires, from NPR For those of you unfortunate enough not to be familiar with Boston, the Mass Ave bridge, which crosses the Charles River to MIT, is measured in smoots, which get repainted every year — as I just learned, by the new pledges in Smoot’s fraternity. It’s called the Smoot bridge probably as.. Read More

Junior Faculty Development Award

Happy news: yesterday I got a letter from the Provost’s office that I’ve received the Junior Faculty Development Award! So now I’ve got $7500 coming to me, which must be spent in the 2006 calendar year. I’m a’gonna buy me a GA, thank you very much. Actually I already have one; now I can even pay her. Not that you asked, but the title of the project is: Multi-state Evaluation.. Read More