State’s new library catalog

NCSU Libraries Unveils Revolutionary, Endeca-Powered Online Catalog The NCSU Libraries announced today the first library deployment of a revolutionary new online catalog. Leveraging the advanced search and Guided Navigation® capabilities of the Endeca ProFind™ platform, the NCSU Libraries’ new catalog, which is located at, provides the speed and flexibility of popular online search engines while capitalizing on existing catalog records. Update: Lorcan Dempsey has an excellent post on State’s.. Read More

It could be your data

Feds Seek Google Records in Porn Probe, from the WaPo Google has refused to comply with the subpoena, issued last year, for a broad range of material from its databases, including a request for 1 million random Web addresses and records of all Google searches from any one-week period… Yes, that could be your data. Me, I use Google daily, several times. So do you. All Google searches from a.. Read More

DL curriculum grant gets press

Who’d have thunk it, that curriculum development was so interesting to the media? Wanda, our Director of Communications, wrote the UNC News release about our Digital Library Curriculum Development project, and the UNC News Service distributed it to the media. Almost immediately, Barbara was interviewed by WCHL.