No One Cards

I was at the Daily Grind just a few minutes ago for my afternoon fix, and there was a small sign on the side of the quick-cup-of-coffee register: NO ONE CARDS AT THIS REGISTER Of course they were referring to the One Card, but in my uncaffeinated state I seriously thought for a moment that they were saying that they don’t check IDs. As if they were sticking it to.. Read More

Google gets a War Room

Google Wages Fresh Campaign Against Critics of Project to Digitize Library Books, from the Chronicle …an announcement this month by Google that it was starting a campaign to dispel misperceptions about the project. …Google officials said they were creating a “fact-checking brigade” about the company’s digitization effort. I know it’s verging on politically incorrect to say this these days, but I’m entirely on Google’s side on this issue. Why? Because.. Read More