Google bei Gericht

Google Wins in Germany, from the Chronicle A German court has handed Google’s controversial book-scanning project a significant victory, encouraging a publishing company to drop its efforts to file a preliminary injunction against the search juggernaut. Legal victory for Google in library project, from the Guardian Google argued before the Hamburg court that the display of short snippets from in-copyright books does not infringe German copyright law. The copyright chamber.. Read More

The library as a forum for personal protest?

University Library Reinstates Its ‘New York Times’ Subscription, from the Chronicle In announcing on Friday that the subscription would be reinstated, Mr. Morgan said that he did not believe his use of the university library as a forum for personal protest was inappropriate… It’s amazing, there are so many ways in which I disagree with this statement. The library should not be anyone’s personal soapbox, not even the library director’s… Read More