I’ve been doing some weird things to prepare for teaching the Library 2.0 course in the Spring: I recently finished reading Teaching As a Subversive Activity, I’ve become a disciple of Howard Rheingold’s pedagogical stylings, I upgraded our free LibraryThing account to Lifetime membership. I’ve also finally caved in to my CueCat lust: I asked Y to get me one as a stocking-stuffer for the holidays. (I mean, it’s only $15, big deal.) For some reason I feel like, if I’m going to teach a Lib2.0 course, I should start using LibraryThing more actively… I have a whopping 11 books in my LT library, which are the same ones I added a year-plus ago when I was just testing LT out to see what it’s all about. And while I admit to having the compulsion to catalog my own books, I know that I won’t spend the time to enter all that data manually… the only way I’ll do this is if I can enter books automatically. So that’s another silly thing I’ll be doing, ostensibly to prepare for teaching Lib2.0.