Grading completed, on leave

I have finished all of my grading for the semester and submitted my grades. I am feeling the unbearable lightness of being. I’m especially feeling it since I now don’t have to grade anything for about 9 months. I’m on leave for the Spring 2007 semester, so I may not even set foot in a classroom until next August. Unless I have a meeting in a classroom. For those of.. Read More

Cyberinfrastructure for the Humanities & Social Sciences

The American Council of Learned Societies Commission on Cyberinfrastructure for the Humanities & Social Sciences has released a report on, well, cyberinfrastructure for the humanities & social sciences. Conclusion We should place the world’s cultural heritage — its historical documentation, its literary and artistic achievements, its languages, beliefs, and practices — within the reach of every citizen. The value of building an infrastructure that gives all citizens access to the.. Read More

LISR rocks my world

And not just because I’m on the Editorial Board. Lili & I have a paper in press in LISR & they just sent me the proofs to correct. And lo and behold, you can make edits to the proofs right in the PDF file. Please note that proof corrections can now be annotated on-screen, which allows you to mark directly in the PDF file, and return the marked file as.. Read More

Open Peer Review, again

I’ve written about the idea of open peer review here before, so this is exciting: ‘Nature’ Experiments With Open Peer Review, from the Chronicle The influential science journal Nature began on Monday an experiment with a new form of peer review, in which some reviewers’ names would be revealed to authors. During the three-month trial, the journal will allow authors to decide whether to participate in the open form of.. Read More

Management of Institutional Digital Assets

An interesting new project: Duke and Dartmouth Will Partner in Planning for the Management of Institutional Digital Assets The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded Duke University $41,300 for a collaborative planning project with Dartmouth College to design institutional strategies and policies for managing scholarly and administrative assets in digital form. Rather than looking for technological solutions, Duke and Dartmouth will focus on developing a clearer definition of all of.. Read More


One year ago today Yvonne & I were in Croatia, for vacation & the LIDA conference. This year, Gary & I have sent Ron Brown to LIDA. Or I should say, Gary is sending Ron, in the sense that he’s paying for it. I just helped Gary select who gets to go. Ron will be going to Osijek first, & traveling with the conference organizers & students to Dubrovnik. I’m.. Read More

NIH Open Access policy, not so much

NIH Has Little to Celebrate on 1st Anniversary of Its Open-Access Policy, but Changes May Be on Way, from the Chronicle The public-access policy of the National Institutes of Health marked its first anniversary last week, and all involved in the debate agree that it has failed to create free online access to the biomedical literature. Not to say I told you so, but I told you so. Well, I.. Read More

Congress vs. the Association of American Publishers?

Bill Seeks Access to Tax-Funded Research, from the WaPo A smoldering debate over whether taxpayers should have free access to the results of federally financed research intensified yesterday with the introduction of Senate legislation that would mandate that the information be posted on the Internet. The legislation, which would demand that most recipients of federal grants make their findings available free on the Web within six months after they are.. Read More

Microsoft Scholar just doesn’t portmanteau as well as Schoogle

Challenging Google, Microsoft Unveils a Search Tool for Online Scholarly Articles, from the Chronicle Microsoft is introducing a new search tool today that will help people find scholarly articles online. … The new free search tool, which should work on most browsers, is called Windows Live Academic Search. For now, it includes eight million articles from only a few disciplines — computer science, electrical engineering, and physics. … Among the.. Read More

Three More Years

Let me take a page out of Scott’s book (Scott’s blog, I suppose… Scott’s blook?), and write a bit about life on the tenure trail. I submitted my materials for my 3rd-year review back in September, and now the process is finally completed! On Friday I got my letter from the Chancellor making my reappointment official. Hooray! I feel the unbearable lightness of being. Ok, so I haven’t exactly been.. Read More