Brain drain, part 3

So much for grad school enrollments rising in tough economic times. Not only is it becoming more difficult for foreign students to enroll in colleges and universities in the US, but it’s becoming more difficult for students from the US as well. Students to Bear More of the Cost of College, from the NY Times

Brain drain

I’m sure that Brodhead doesn’t mean this as a swipe at the current administration, but I do. Research woes seen ahead, from the News & Observer Research is dependent on federal dollars and foreign-born graduate students — both of which are becoming scarcer. “Imagine the paradox in a world where it’s all too easy for jobs to go across borders but all too hard for intelligent people to come across.. Read More

Compare and contrast

Evelyn put up a new batch of cartoons outside her office door recently. This rotating display is always a treat because Evelyn has a terrifically dry sense of humor. One of the new cartoons was this one from the New Yorker. An exercise for the reader. Compare and Contrast: that cartoon, and Bono’s quote: “In America, you look at the mansion on the hill and think, ‘One day that will.. Read More