Book Buying Through the Open WorldCat Program

An announcement from OCLC: OCLC has begun a pilot within the Open WorldCat program to facilitate the online purchase of books identified through Open WorldCat. Web searchers in the United States that reach Open WorldCat from popular search engines or other Web resources may use a book buying link to purchase books through Baker & Taylor, a leading provider of books, videos, music and other services to libraries, retailers and.. Read More

Database indexing & journal copyright agreements, Part 3

This is the hopefully final chapter in a saga that began a long time ago in three previous posts far, far away. Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. I had a paper accepted for publication in a journal. Given the choice, I signed the copyright agreement by which I retain copyright. Question: Will this paper be indexed in the databases I want it in?.. Read More

Copyright Office public roundtables on orphan works

Paul has already written about orphaned works. Yesterday this got posted to the Dig_Ref list: The Copyright Office will hold public roundtable discussions regarding orphan works in Washington, D.C., on July 26-27, and in Berkeley, California, on August 2. The Office has identified several general topic areas for discussion during the roundtables, and has organized a preliminary agenda according to these issue areas. Persons wishing to participate in the roundtables.. Read More

Association of American Publishers vs. Google

Publishers’ Group Asks Google to Stop Scanning Copyrighted Works for 6 Months, from the Chronicle The Association of American Publishers has asked Google to stop scanning copyrighted books published by the association’s members for at least six months while the company answers questions about whether its plan to scan millions of volumes in five major research libraries complies with copyright law. “We’ve simply asked for a six-month moratorium to facilitate.. Read More

Database indexing & journal copyright agreements, Part 2

When I posted about this the other day, I hadn’t received a reply from Wilson yet. I have now, & here’s the crux of their reply: Library Literature & Information Science (like the other H.W. Wilson databases) indexes the contents of its journal list cover-to-cover. In practical terms, that means that any article of a least half-a-page in length will be indexed. The issue of who retains copyright to the.. Read More

Database indexing & journal copyright agreements

A while back I wrote that I was going to look into whether it’s possible for me, as an individual author, to submit my own article to be indexed in a database. Well, I finally got off my duff and actually looked into it. Actually I only contacted 2 database vendors: Wilson (re the Library Literature & Information Science db) and CSA (re the Library and Information Science Abstracts db)… Read More

Cornell Faculty Senate resolution on scholarly publishing

The press release on the Cornell Faculty Senate resolution on scholarly publishing, passed 11 May 2005: Cornell University Faculty Senate Endorses Resolution on Open Access and Scholarly Communication (Ithaca, NY, May 17, 2005) The Cornell University Faculty Senate endorsed a resolution concerning scholarly publishing at its meeting on May 11, 2005. The resolution, introduced by the University Faculty Library Board, responds to the increasingly excessive prices of some scholarly publications.. Read More

Copyright conundrum

A couple of days ago I got the copyright agreements in the mail for a paper I’ve had accepted to for journal publication. This journal has 2 different copyright agreements, & they let the author choose which to sign: I assign copyright to the publisher, & the publisher handles all reprint & other copyright requests, & maybe submits the article to database publishers & aggregators. I retain copyright, & the.. Read More

Funding to Support Open Access Fees

VC Announces Funding to Support “Open Access” Authors’ Fees Support for author fees of up to $750 per article is available upon faculty request from a new fund established by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development. I personally consider this a major step for the university. I was on the planning committee for the Convocation on Scholarly Communications in a Digital World, & we recently.. Read More

A Research Agenda on Open-Access Publishing

The Reality of Open-Access Journal Articles, from The Chronicle of Higher Education Cutting right to the chase: It is time to move beyond rehashing tired arguments about whether open access poses a threat to publishers, professional societies, or research budgets. We should begin to discuss how best to use what open access gives us: the unfettered availability of scholarly literature. The authors, from PLoS, practically spell out a research agenda… Read More