Facebook Apps for Librarians

Thanks to Gerry Mckiernan for pointing this out, in a post to Dig_Ref: Top Ten Facebook Apps for Librarians (in 3 parts) from Ellyssa Kroski’s iLibrarian blog Apparently, UIUC is the only library that currently has an app for its OPAC, but they’ve posted the code, so others could follow. Also there’s a search app for JSTOR. May I suggest other search apps for other online databases? Perhaps by vendor?

Plymouth NH is cooler than you thought

My parents, who live in way northern New Hampshire, sent me an article the other day from Plymouth Magazine about a point of local technological pride: the information architect for the Lamson Library at Plymouth State University in Plymouth NH recently received the Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration. For what did he win this? For WPopac, an OPAC app based on WordPress. This OPAC now seems to be the default,.. Read More

Kvetching about Facebook

I have a profile on Facebook. It makes me feel somewhat juvenile, actually, despite the fact that most of my students and many of my colleagues have profiles. I blame Fred: I created a profile as a means for better understanding what the hell he was writing about in his Facebook research. (Come to think of it, I started blogging in part because of Fred. I’m not sure how to.. Read More

Thoughts on one very small part of Weinberger’s Henderson Lecture

I went to see David Weinberger‘s talk on campus earlier today, and this post is a reaction to that. Before I go down that road though, let me just say that I really enjoyed the talk. I just finished reading Small Pieces Loosely Joined maybe 2 days ago. So that’s fresh in my mind, and of course I haven’t yet read his next book, Everything is Miscellaneous, because it isn’t.. Read More

Everything cannot be Miscellaneous

I’m not back, I’m not blogging as a regular thing again. Don’t get your hopes up. I just need a place to think out loud. I could probably do this in my head, but I find that writing helps me clarify my thoughts better. Less wandering off into irrelevancies like ’80s song lyrics and that conversation I had 2 days ago. So… I wrote in my last post that: Any.. Read More