E to the B

Bartender, Pour Me Another Cup, from the WaPo America’s largest brewing company, Anheuser-Busch, released its latest product last week – a beer that contains caffeine. It saddens me that this is Budweiser, and not actually a good beer. The January 2005 issue of National Geographic had an article about caffeine, and it mentioned that a popular club drink these days is Red Bull and vodka, so I suppose this is.. Read More

Human-Computer Collaboration

Tool for Thought, from the NY Times Now, strictly speaking, who is responsible for that initial idea? Was it me or the software? It sounds like a facetious question, but I mean it seriously. Obviously, the computer wasn’t conscious of the idea taking shape, and I supplied the conceptual glue that linked the London sewers to cell metabolism. But I’m not at all confident I would have made the initial.. Read More