Episode Free

Thanks to Nelson for bringing this to my attention: Final ‘Star Wars’ film leaked to the Internet, from Reuters “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith” has been leaked onto a major file-sharing network just hours after opening in theaters… At least two copies of the film, which was first shown in theaters in the early hours of Thursday, have been posted to the BitTorrent file-sharing network… …one.. Read More

Black Squirrels

An Exotic Evolution, from the WaPo Because the history of Washington has been written by humans, nobody has paid much attention to the fact that 18 Canadian squirrels were released at the National Zoo during the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt. Legend had it at my alma mater, UMass Amherst, that black squirrels were invented there, or rather bred there. The legend went that the black squirrel was an experiment in.. Read More