Google lowers the bar for GIS

Google Maps Make Demographics Come Alive, from AP Geeks, tinkerers and innovators are crashing the Google party, having discovered how to tinker with the search engine’s mapping service to graphically illustrate vital information that might otherwise be ignored, overlooked or not perceived as clearly. …Google charts each point on its maps by latitude and longitude – that’s how Google can produce driving directions to practically anywhere in the nation. Seasoned.. Read More

Home again, home again, jiggidy-jig

We’re back from Croatia; got back on Tuesday night. And let me tell you, we almost didn’t. I was seriously this close to not coming home several times. I can’t speak for all of Croatia, but Dalmatia (the region from about Zadar south) is gorgeous. Plus the weather was perfect, the ocean is warm, it’s very relaxing, & every cup of espresso I had was orders of magnitude better than.. Read More