Thanks to Gary Price for calling my attention to this: last Wednesday the Library & Information Technology Association soft-launched a blog. Apparently they’re planning to blog ALA Annual. And here’s a link to the LITA Blog itself.

How to reply to a blog comment?

Stephen Francoeur, in a post a couple of days ago, poses this really excellent question about blog-iquette: I’m not quite sure of the best way to reply to comments left at the end of postings. If I post my reply as a comment, will the original commenter think to go back to see if I’ve written my reply there? Or should I respond by doing an entirely new post, which.. Read More


The Village Voice on academic blogging: PH.Dotcom And a sidebar guide to best academic blogs: A Brief Guide to Blogodemia Note, however, that the VV misspelled Ph.D.

The blog event horizon

When I was at the Web Conference in NYC in May, Marianne and I participated in the pre-conference Workshop on the Weblogging Ecosystem: Aggregation, Analysis and Dynamics. I remember someone in that workshop saying that most blogs that don’t survive are discontinued within 4 months of the writer starting them up. Four months is the blog event horizon. Well, yesterday was my 4-month anniversary with this thing, so I guess.. Read More

BloggerCon: Gillmor

In a weird confluence of work-related events, I just ran into AE, who I’m working with in a small way for a project for my DL course. We talked about the issue of anonymity or toning yourself down on account of not knowing which of your colleagues are reading. We also talked about the project. Sally has just started liveblogging: I feel I’ve peer pressured her into it! Gillmor discusses.. Read More

BloggerCon: Aggregation

Building a geographically focused aggregator. Heck, the Participants list for this is a good start towards that for this area. Cone: Letters to the editor posted on a blog, attracts comments from a wide community. I’m reading We The Media & he mentions letters to the editor as an example of Big Media’s trivial effort to make media two-way. So is this a way to increase two-way-ness? Someone: “I’m the.. Read More

BloggerCon: Discussion

Damn, this liveblogging is difficult. It’s more work than taking notes in a presentation even. Maybe good practice for taking notes at conferences though? Eric Muller, IsThatLegal?. Two blogs that are on opposite sides of the political spectrum both linked to him on one day, thus bringing 2 very divergent communities together in a friendly way. Dave Winer: The obsession with links & traffic is like the dot-com boom, only.. Read More

BloggerCon: Ed Cone

Ed Cone: “If you want flow, if you want a huge number of people to come to your website, does anyone know the one-word answer to that? Porn. Another way to get high flow is to be super partisan.” He says: “I’m trying to build the biggest community for my voice that I can possibly build.” Is that a noble experiment in niche community-building or megalomania? He emails links to.. Read More

BloggerCon: Carnival of the Vanities

The ultimate vanity press: “If you didn’t think that you had anything to say, you wouldn’t be doing this.” Silflay Hraka is talking about his Carnival of the Vanities. It was an attempt to hack the Blogdex rankings. Now we’re talking about The Long Tail. Someone to my right says that blogs are an example of the long tail: more people followed the later news on Rathergate than watched the.. Read More

BloggerCon: BabyBlogs

BabyBlog: that’s a new term on me. Ben MacNeill is talking about his blog, The Trixie Update. I love the graphs. This is like the Alton Brown of babyblogs: the science of everyday things. Ben asks, for life events, do you post in real-time, or save it up & post long updates? He suggests that you lay groundrules so your audience knows what to expect & doesn’t go away unhappy.. Read More