BloggerCon: Live Blogging II

Anton says that the price for admission to this free conference is that you have to share your experiences. This is one of the things that I think will be most interesting coming out of this conference: to look at the live blog posts made during this event, after it’s over. The cross-section of the event, the artifacts created during the event, through the eyes of everyone here. I left.. Read More

BloggerCon: Live Blogging

I realized yesterday that this will be the first time I’ve live blogged anything. Be interesting to see how that goes. I realized this morning that I’ve communicated with some of the people here more via our blogs than I have in person. I said this to Sally, & her comment was, “there are all kinds of communities.” Indeed.

Blog together: The Burkean Parlor

I’ve been thinking about the question I posed the other day, What do communities do? Not being a sociologist, I don’t believe that I can answer that question. I would expect that this would vary widely across contexts. But one function that I would expect all communities must perform is communication. I can even see an argument that communication is necessary for a community, otherwise how could anything communal even.. Read More

Blog together: What do communities do?

As I was thinking earlier today about blogs and community, I thought to look at the Triangle BloggerCon‘s site again. I rediscovered that the Blog Together site is “a wiki about using blogs to build community.” This wiki is to be a resource for tools and tutorials on how to build community around a blog and how to use a blog to build community. So there you are: even a.. Read More

Triangle BloggerCon: blog together

I’m getting into the spirit of the Triangle Bloggers Conference, so as Anton has requested, here’s my first post on blogging and community. One topic that’s occupying a lot of my thinking these days is community development of information resources. I and Jane and Evelyn and some folks from the NC Botanical Garden just submitted a grant proposal to the IMLS to fund the development of a digital library of.. Read More

We Love Our Audience

I received my first comment recently from a reader who I can’t identify. I think I know who Trish is, but I can’t be sure. On the internet nobody knows you’re a dog. Trish, that was not meant about you, it was a statement about anonymity online. Which is the whole point of this post. But before I get to that, let me write one more thing. Scott IM’ed me.. Read More

Bloggers and Reporters

Paul and Fred and I were having a conversation over lunch the other day about bloggers and reporters and First Amendment rights, and lo and behold, I stumble across this article: Bloggers Blur the Definition of Reporters’ Privilege, from The New York Sun (via Boing Boing). Of course, for all I know, Paul was thinking of this story during that conversation. This story mentions the Claus von Bulow case, where.. Read More