Size matters

How Many Pages in Google? Take a Guess, from NY Times [Google] said yesterday that it had phased in a larger index over the last four weeks. But rather than directly proclaiming that it had surpassed its archrival Yahoo, which last month claimed index supremacy, Google said it would ask Web surfers to decide for themselves. Google’s chief executive, Eric E. Schmidt, said the company would remove the current number.. Read More

Google Archaeology

Enthusiast uses Google to reveal Roman ruins, from Nature Using satellite images from Google Maps and Google Earth, an Italian computer programmer has stumbled upon the remains of an ancient villa. Mori, who describes the finding on his blog, Quellí Della Bassa, contacted archaeologists, including experts at the National Archaeological Museum of Parma. They confirmed the find. At first it was thought to be a Bronze Age village, but an.. Read More

Google Blog Search

Google has launched Google Blog Search. On the About page they write that the entries go back to about June 2005. The goal seems to be to include every blog in the world (though only 35 languages are currently supported), that has an RSS or Atom feed, not just those on Blogger. Their coverage seems to be pretty thorough; they have all the ibiblio blogs that I could think of.. Read More

Google vs. Publishers, again

Google Answers Complaints About Project to Scan Millions of Books, but Publishers Are Not Won Over, from the Chronicle It is perhaps unfortunate that this headline starts with “Google Answers,” since that’s not at all what this is about, but maybe I’m being nitpicky. Responding to concerns from several academic and commercial publishers, Google has made minor adjustments to its vast project to scan library books, and Google officials say.. Read More

Google Print, in hot water again

In this week’s exciting installment of Library Journal Academic Newswire, are these two articles: ALPSP joins Google Print battle, issues strong statement, and Google supporters plead their case. Here’s the Association for Learned Professional and Society Publishers’ “strong statement”: Google Print for Libraries — ALPSP position statement. Strong like noxious, I would suggest. Permitting publishers to ‘opt out’ is not an acceptable substitute for proper licensing in the first place….. Read More

Book Buying Through the Open WorldCat Program

An announcement from OCLC: OCLC has begun a pilot within the Open WorldCat program to facilitate the online purchase of books identified through Open WorldCat. Web searchers in the United States that reach Open WorldCat from popular search engines or other Web resources may use a book buying link to purchase books through Baker & Taylor, a leading provider of books, videos, music and other services to libraries, retailers and.. Read More

Association of American Publishers vs. Google

Publishers’ Group Asks Google to Stop Scanning Copyrighted Works for 6 Months, from the Chronicle The Association of American Publishers has asked Google to stop scanning copyrighted books published by the association’s members for at least six months while the company answers questions about whether its plan to scan millions of volumes in five major research libraries complies with copyright law. “We’ve simply asked for a six-month moratorium to facilitate.. Read More

Google lowers the bar for GIS

Google Maps Make Demographics Come Alive, from AP Geeks, tinkerers and innovators are crashing the Google party, having discovered how to tinker with the search engine’s mapping service to graphically illustrate vital information that might otherwise be ignored, overlooked or not perceived as clearly. …Google charts each point on its maps by latitude and longitude – that’s how Google can produce driving directions to practically anywhere in the nation. Seasoned.. Read More

Google Scholar @ UNC, Part 2

Just a quick follow-up on my previous post about Google Scholar @ UNC: if you go to Google Scholar’s Preferences page, you can now select UNC-CH. On that note, there was an article in The Chronicle today about Google Scholar: More Than 100 Colleges Work With Google to Speed Campus Users to Library Resources

Google Scholar @ UNC

Lisa Norberg & Tim Shearer are my new favorite people. They told me today that the library has implemented a Google Scholar search box on the library’s main page. Here’s the announcement. Tim tells me that this search box is connected to EZproxy, so if I’m off campus & do a search I’ll be forced through the proxy login. Logical, yet a very nice piece of functionality. But it gets.. Read More