Google Print, in hot water again

In this week’s exciting installment of Library Journal Academic Newswire, are these two articles: ALPSP joins Google Print battle, issues strong statement, and Google supporters plead their case. Here’s the Association for Learned Professional and Society Publishers’ “strong statement”: Google Print for Libraries — ALPSP position statement. Strong like noxious, I would suggest. Permitting publishers to ‘opt out’ is not an acceptable substitute for proper licensing in the first place….. Read More

Zoia Horn

I wrote on Friday that maybe some librarian somewhere would be willing to go to jail to defend patron privacy. Well, K.G. Schneider points out what I did not know, that this has already happened: One of the ironies about Gorman’s comment that he wouldn’t go to jail on behalf of the Patriot Act because he’s an academic librarian (and 64 years old–not that much older than Judith Miller) is.. Read More

Michael Gorman, Judith Miller

US library leader questions Patriot Act, from Reuters Gorman said he would be reluctant to go to jail to defend the implicit trusted relationship between librarians and readers. “To be perfectly honest, I’m a 64-year-old academic librarian,” he said. “I’m not going to go to prison over that kind of stuff.” Now, I certainly don’t want to suggest that I think Gorman should go to jail, or even that he.. Read More

IFLA meeting on Virtual Reference

This announcement was posted to the Dig_Ref list yesterday: Think globally… Ask locally. Building national and international co-operative virtual reference networks. If you will be attending the IFLA general conference in Oslo, Norway (August 14-18, 2005), we invite you to participate in a discussion with your colleagues around the world as we explore the possibilities for the next level of international co-operation, across and between national virtual reference services. Coordinators.. Read More

Paul’s new job

Library To Expand Digital Collections Duke Libraries is expanding its collection of digital images, books, articles, videos and recordings. Leading this Digital Asset Initiatives effort is Paul Conway, who recently was promoted to the newly created position of director of digital asset initiatives. He previously was the director of information technology services at Perkins Library.

Blogs & Dig Ref

The latest news out of the IIS is that they’re working on linking WordPress to QABuilder (QABuilder is the IIS’ web-based dig ref app), as a project for AskNSDL. They’re calling this “Story Starters.” The idea of a reference blog is of course something that Fred and I have been thinking about for a while now. But Story Starters has an interesting twist that we never considered. Fred and I.. Read More

Book Buying Through the Open WorldCat Program

An announcement from OCLC: OCLC has begun a pilot within the Open WorldCat program to facilitate the online purchase of books identified through Open WorldCat. Web searchers in the United States that reach Open WorldCat from popular search engines or other Web resources may use a book buying link to purchase books through Baker & Taylor, a leading provider of books, videos, music and other services to libraries, retailers and.. Read More

State Library of NC Online Workshop Calendar

From the NCLIVE-L list: Subject: State Library Announces Fall CE Schedule The State Library has something NEW for you – An Online Workshop Calendar We are pleased to announce the Fall 2005 schedule of workshops, and we’re excited to make it available to you in our NEW Online Calendar. The Online Calendar will be updated regularly, which will allow you to stay current with the workshops we offer. Most of.. Read More

Wikipedia Rapid Response

I’m posting this mostly for myself, to keep track of this link (Kristina take note) so I can use it as an example in class, come the Fall. Disaster Response, via Wikis, from The Chronicle of Higher Ed’s Wired Campus Blog How does Wikipedia, the online open-source encyclopedia, actually work? Web surfers got a close look at the process when users of the site edited an entry about the mass-transit.. Read More

Database indexing & journal copyright agreements, Part 3

This is the hopefully final chapter in a saga that began a long time ago in three previous posts far, far away. Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. I had a paper accepted for publication in a journal. Given the choice, I signed the copyright agreement by which I retain copyright. Question: Will this paper be indexed in the databases I want it in?.. Read More